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The International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) is an independent, apolitical non-profit think tank whose aim is to carry out cutting edge, in-depth research on sustainability and sustainable finance topics. The centre uses expert insight and practical policy solutions to inform public debate and policymaking on sustainable finance, while also helping to build local expertise and capacity on a range of topics, which include the EU’s Green Deal, its Sustainable Finance Agenda and post-Covid-19 recovery packages.

Our analysis of complex policy issues is available to the widest possible audiences in accessible and easy-to understand formats. The ISFC provides expert analysis to better understand the policy developments at the EU level, and how they relate to the local contexts. The centre offers a meeting point for professionals and anyone interested in sustainable finance, using its convening power to bring some of the world’s most respected thought leaders to the region. The centre monitors not only European and regional, but also worldwide sustainability thinking and initiatives, providing a knowledge and learning hub.